Lighthouse with beam of lightInfluencing Policy

Advancing the case for adult learning in public policy and debate lies at the heart of NIACE's purpose. With our advocacy work we influence and persuade others that improving, increasing and extending opportunities for adults to learn throughout their lives, has real public as well as private benefits.

A central part of our advocacy strategy involves responses to consultations and calls for evidence issued by Government departments, committees, enquiries and other organisations. These are tailored to our diverse audience, including:

  • politicians at national and local levels who need authoritative sources of information and feedback on their thinking,
  • journalists who need eye and ear-catching stories,
  • academics who need challenges and ideas,
  • professional colleagues who need solidarity and advice, and
  • adults who need supporters to help ensure their voices are heard and listened to.

At the same time we build alliances and partnerships to achieve specific objectives and to make our case in the most compelling way. Techniques range from private meetings with ministers and public servants to public seminars and letters to the press.

All Party Parliamentary Group for Further Education and Adult Education

Along with the Association of Colleges, NIACE provides the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Further Education and Adult Education, and regularly provides briefings for those seeking policy advice at all levels.

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